Tales of my Oblivion, second edition.

A few years ago, I had come to realize just how oblivious I could be, but oh mon dieu, my friends told me the single most ridiculous thing I had ever heard in my life the other day. They said I "led (insert name here) on." Apparently, this was the beginning of last year, and I actually have no physical recollection of what had transpired. According to said friends of  mine, (insert name here) was hypothesizing about the probability of (insert name here) and I dating, and I totally brushed him off saying that that would never happen. They also said that their face immediately fell after I had said that. Worst of all, one of my friends ships it. I had told them  that ship is never gonna leave port. Ever.

In retrospect, I honestly didn't mean whatever it was I had said in a condescending manner, but rather because I had most likely thought it to be unlikely because I thought that (insert name here) was romantically interested in someone else. If I matched up the time periods correctly, my assumption would be correct because I remember them telling me that they were romantically interested in someone we both knew, but later on grew out of said crush.

In other news, apparently (insert name here)'s friend had strictly stated that he would never go for me, my friend that ships things that shouldn't be shipped, and my other friend, but did go for friend that ships' twin, and another gal who happened to be Chinese. It is evidently because we are, so to speak, bitches. I already know I'm a terrible person, shipping friend is relatively mean, but my other friend is apparently absolutely terrible to him. Not that there's anything wrong with that. He's not that great of a person, so that is where my justification stands. 
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Good News

I got my fencing equipment in the mail today!! Considering  I ordered it Tuesday night, that was pretty fast. 

Also, I got a job!! It doesn't pay much, but hey, I can finally buy my corset and/or some lolita~
but what to buy, what to buy.......XD

My job does require me to skip band camp though, which I imagine Stever and Mazz won't be too happy about.....
Plus Lefebvre will be all like, D:<<<<<<, wait no, more like DB<<<<. Because he wears hipster glasses and has leftover raging teenage hormones XD

I still have to somehow find time to finish my summer homework, and hold a partaaaaaaay in my awesome room that can fit like, 20 people......

Well, that's all for now.
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Sudden Realzations and Updates

It's been a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally long while since I posted on here >.> Like it feels like eons ago. 

Anyways, for whatever reason, my livejournal is set to French, which I really don't mind, even though my French teacher for the next two years isn't really my favorite ;___; I hope I'll be able to learn stuff from her.

Let's see....what else.... I'm an editor for my school's literary and arts magazine, and our adviser says that the last one we helped put together was one of the best ones yet :D

Oh, and I'm doing IB. Full diploma. I'm not completely sure I'll be able to survive it though... 

I'm taking Mandarin next year too! This is one I'm semi-excited for, because assuming I master it, I can (possibly) understand those people at the huge Asian supermarket ^_^ and maybe my next (Asian) language conquests will be facilitated as a result. 

I was looking stuff up today, and I think I might have figured out what direction I want to take my art style. I'm thinking more of an art nouveau look with some of that Japonais look I didn't know I was obsessed with until now. If only self portrait decisions were this easy....
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Just some updates on my life. I joined my schools marching band, but I don't play an instrument.... I'm in color guard! I can do some of the stuff, not everything because I haven't learned it yet.....

Oh, and I have this tan. It's significantly darker than the one I got in Canada. I hope it fades ASAP. School starts next thursday, and I can't wait until winter starts. I have fencing, warm sweaters, and boots I won't sweat in because it's cold!! :3

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I'm gonna be old tomorrow

Apart from the fact today is my last un-birthday as a fourteen year old, and that I don't say my age because I fear the birthday punches (<.<), but that results in people assuming that I don't know how old I'll be turning.... ^_^;; But that's okay, because there's cake. And cake makes everything better.
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Aqua dreaming princess

I am in love with AP's aqua dreaming princess print, mostly because it reminds me so much of twinkle mermaid, which will forever be on my wishlist, along with mermaid symphony. I really like the jsk version of it, especially in pink or mint. I have this obsession with bare top jsks, I find them to be really versatile....

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