November 6th, 2012


Tales of my Oblivion, second edition.

A few years ago, I had come to realize just how oblivious I could be, but oh mon dieu, my friends told me the single most ridiculous thing I had ever heard in my life the other day. They said I "led (insert name here) on." Apparently, this was the beginning of last year, and I actually have no physical recollection of what had transpired. According to said friends of  mine, (insert name here) was hypothesizing about the probability of (insert name here) and I dating, and I totally brushed him off saying that that would never happen. They also said that their face immediately fell after I had said that. Worst of all, one of my friends ships it. I had told them  that ship is never gonna leave port. Ever.

In retrospect, I honestly didn't mean whatever it was I had said in a condescending manner, but rather because I had most likely thought it to be unlikely because I thought that (insert name here) was romantically interested in someone else. If I matched up the time periods correctly, my assumption would be correct because I remember them telling me that they were romantically interested in someone we both knew, but later on grew out of said crush.

In other news, apparently (insert name here)'s friend had strictly stated that he would never go for me, my friend that ships things that shouldn't be shipped, and my other friend, but did go for friend that ships' twin, and another gal who happened to be Chinese. It is evidently because we are, so to speak, bitches. I already know I'm a terrible person, shipping friend is relatively mean, but my other friend is apparently absolutely terrible to him. Not that there's anything wrong with that. He's not that great of a person, so that is where my justification stands. 
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