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Sudden Realzations and Updates

It's been a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally long while since I posted on here >.> Like it feels like eons ago. 

Anyways, for whatever reason, my livejournal is set to French, which I really don't mind, even though my French teacher for the next two years isn't really my favorite ;___; I hope I'll be able to learn stuff from her.

Let's see....what else.... I'm an editor for my school's literary and arts magazine, and our adviser says that the last one we helped put together was one of the best ones yet :D

Oh, and I'm doing IB. Full diploma. I'm not completely sure I'll be able to survive it though... 

I'm taking Mandarin next year too! This is one I'm semi-excited for, because assuming I master it, I can (possibly) understand those people at the huge Asian supermarket ^_^ and maybe my next (Asian) language conquests will be facilitated as a result. 

I was looking stuff up today, and I think I might have figured out what direction I want to take my art style. I'm thinking more of an art nouveau look with some of that Japonais look I didn't know I was obsessed with until now. If only self portrait decisions were this easy....

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